Investor relations

Group structure

  • Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems

    Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems

    One of the world’s top three providers of wheels, brakes and brake control systems to civil and military aircraft manufacturers, airline and charter operators and distributors and repair stations.

    Where: UK, USA, Mexico, Singapore

  • Meggitt Control Systems

    Meggitt Control Systems

    Specialises in aircraft fire protection and control and thermal management and fluid control components and sub-systems for aerospace and energy applications.

    Where: UK, USA, Singapore

  • Meggitt Polymers & Composites

    Meggitt Polymers & Composites

    Specialises in fuel containment for aircraft and land vehicles, aircraft seals for airframes, aero-engines and oil and gas applications, composite interiors and accessories for helicopters and fixed and rotary wing electro-thermal ice protection systems.

    Where: UK, USA, China

  • Meggitt Sensing Systems

    Meggitt Sensing Systems

    Provides high performance sensing and condition-monitoring systems for aero-engines and power generation turbines, test and measurement sensors for multiple markets, aircraft power management and storage technology, wireless safety systems, real-time remote aircraft surveillance and anti-collision equipment.

    Where: Switzerland, UK and USA, China, Denmark, France, India, Spain, Vietnam

  • Meggitt Equipment Group

    Meggitt Equipment Group

    Specialises in live-fire and virtual small arms weapons training, combat support equipment ranging from countermeasure launch and recovery systems to military electronics cooling and ammunition handling equipment, heat transfer equipment for off-shore oil and gas facilities and sensors and controls for automotive and industrial markets.

    Where: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE