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Group Leadership Team


Stephen Young
Chief Executive

Stephen joined Meggitt and was appointed to the Board of Directors as Group Finance Director in 2004, becoming Chief Executive in May 2013.

From 2004, Stephen worked alongside the previous CEO, scaling up Meggitt with a range of acquisitions. He then helped drive the biggest reorganisation in the Company's history by creating five divisions around complementary capabilities and markets.

As CEO, Stephen has focused Meggitt on three strategic priorities - customer focus, operational excellence and technology leadership. During his tenure, the Group has won an unprecedented number of contracts in aerospace, defence and energy that are accelerating growth and sowing the seeds for decades of aftermarket revenue.

Stephen's customer focus initiatives include the launch of a centralised aftermarket function to service aerospace customers, the latest component of the 'One Meggitt' transformation.

Operational excellence has been transformed by the Meggitt Production System, the Company's lean business methodology launched in Stephen's first year as CEO.

Quality and delivery have risen dramatically thanks to systematic deployment of thorough frameworks, standards and processes. Performance is scrutinised daily; problem solving is delegated; continuous improvement effort is devolved.

Stephen has also led the revitalisation of Meggitt's technology function, hiring new talent and ring fencing Applied Research & Technology (AR&T) investment which has since doubled through funding from commercial, academic and government partners. An AR&T centre has been built in the UK to pursue projects of Group-wide interest, pioneering breakthrough aerospace digital manufacturing as well as innovation in additive layer and polymer and composite technologies.

Before joining Meggitt, Stephen held senior positions with Ford Motor Company, Mars Incorporated, Grand Metropolitan (now Diageo) plc, Thorn EMI plc, the Automobile Association and Thistle Hotels plc.

Other positions and qualifications

Non-Executive Director, Audit Committee Chairman and member of Risk and Remuneration committees of Derwent London plc
BSc in Mathematics, Southampton University
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Stephen Young

Doug Webb
Chief Financial Officer

Doug joined Meggitt and was appointed to the Board of Directors as Chief Financial Officer in June 2013.

He has held a number of senior international financial positions across a range of industries including defence, aerospace, engineering, technology and financial services.

Doug started his career at PriceWaterhouse, where he worked for 12 years in audit and business advisory services, gaining experience in the UK, Canada and Sweden.

He moved into industry with Logica, where he held various finance and general management roles over eight years in the UK and US before joining QinetiQ Group, leaving as its Chief Financial Officer after five years.

Before joining Meggitt, Doug spent four years as Chief Financial Officer of the London Stock Exchange Group.

Other positions and qualifications

Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of SEGRO
Member of the Hundred Group of Finance Directors
Chartered Accountant
MA, Geography and Management Sciences, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University

Doug Webb

Philip Green
Executive Director
Commercial & Corporate Affairs

Philip joined Meggitt in 1994 and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2001.  Philip has been central to helping the Group evolve from a relatively small conglomerate into an integrated, global engineering leader.

In a succession of leadership roles he has ensured that Meggitt has grown in scale and corporate maturity based on clear-cut ethical principles and practice, with high levels of integrity in all business relationships. Today, the Group continues a zero-tolerance policy for anything other than the fair and honest conduct of business, in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations worldwide.

Philip's contributions include the development of a strong global legal function; expansion of the influence and responsibilities of the company secretarial department; implementation of an industry-leading trade compliance function and robust ethics programme; revitalisation of government relations activities in the United States; and the on-going professionalisation of Meggitt's commercial function.

Under his leadership, a Group-wide health, safety and environment (HSE) function was established to continuously improve our safety culture and performance, supporting the efforts of facility-based HSE activities. With HSE embedded in our day-to-day operations, responsibility was handed over to our Group Operations Director.

Before Meggitt, Philip spent 14 years at British Aerospace in various company secretarial roles.

Other positions and qualifications

Non-Executive Director and Vice-Chairman of Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Chairman of the Audit and Governance Committee
Member of Dorset Employment and Skills Board
BA Law, Durham University, UK
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
Fellow of the Institute of Directors

Stephen Young

Peter Huber
Group Director
Sales & Marketing

Peter joined Meggitt's sensors and sensing systems facility in Switzerland in 1989, specialising in customer support for Vibro-Meter energy and aerospace products before being becoming Production Director in 1995. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the facility and General Manager with P&L responsibility in 2001. He was subsequently appointed President of Meggitt Sensing Systems in 2010, serving for five years until he became Meggitt Group Director, Sales & Marketing in 2015.

Before joining Meggitt, Peter worked in various field engineering and test engineering functions at Martin Marietta's missile division in the US and Canada.

He was commissioned as a Swiss Air Force officer in 1984 where he served for 22 years in the Reserves on surface-to-air missiles and UAVs, retiring as a Major.

Industry and advisory posts

  • Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Board member and former President of the Swiss Aerospace and Defence Industries Association
  • Board member of the Adolphe Merkle Foundation for Nanotechnology, University of Fribourg
  • Board member of the Swiss Association of Defence and Technology (SWT)
  • Member of the Extra-parliamentary Federal Commission for Space Affairs (CFAS)
  • Governor, Aerospace Industries Association


  • Swiss Federal Diploma in Electronics
  • BA Business Administration; MBA, Graduate School of Business, Zurich
  • Meggitt Executive Leadership Programme, Oxford University's Saïd Business School
Peter Huber

Chris Allen
Meggitt Sensing Systems

Chris was appointed President of Meggitt Sensing Systems in May 2017.

Prior to this he served as Meggitt's Group Director for Engineering & Strategy from April 2012. His responsibilities included leadership of the strategy process, Meggitt's engineering and central programme management functions and the management of Meggitt's Applied Research & Technology team.

Prior to that, as Programme Director, he oversaw the biggest reorganisation in the Company's history by helping to create five divisions around complementary capabilities and markets.

Chris joined Meggitt in August 2004 as Director, Engineering & Programmes when the Group acquired Dunlop Standard Aerospace. He later became General Manager of Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, UK.

His earlier career at Standard Aero focused on gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul where he carried out technical, business development and general management roles in Canada and the United States.


BSc Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada
Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Chris Allen

Dennis Hutton
Meggitt Control Systems and Customer Services & Support

Dennis joined in 2011 after long experience in aerospace management, leading supply chain, manufacturing, and general management at a number of corporations in California.

He began his career in 1983 as a procurement specialist with Lear Siegler before spending several years in purchasing management with Thermocontrol, Pacific Scientific Corporation and Rogerson Aircraft. At ITT Industries, he was responsible for materials management within the Aerospace Controls Division. He formed strategic partnering relationships with suppliers; merged materials management groups; and established cellular assembly and test capability.

From 1998 to 2003, Dennis worked for Crane Corporation, rising from Director, Supply management to Vice President and Senior Vice President roles in operations, continuous Improvement, fluid solutions. His achievements include improvement in materials management, strategic planning, supply chain development and quality assurance; and reductions in inventory levels and costs. He spearheaded operations excellence programmes and built leadership teams.

In 2003, Dennis became General Manager of the Actuation Systems division of Eaton Aerospace. He streamlined the product portfolio, established offshore manufacturing and product development capability; improved customer service and cash flow and lowered costs.

From 2007 to 2011, he was President, HTL/Kin-Tech Division for the Danaher Corporation. He drove growth in the military vehicle and civil aviation markets while winning major OEM applications and achieving improvements in the service network, pricing structure, cost levels and cash flow management.

Dennis joined Meggitt Safety Systems in 2011 as President following the acquisition of Pacific Scientific Aerospace (PacSci) from Danaher. He assumed responsibility for six locations in North America and Europe and 600 employees. He integrated HTL/Kin-Tech's fire suppression capability with the fire detection and control capabilities of Meggitt Safety Systems to create a single operating unit, improving on-time delivery, quality and cash flow while capturing significant new business.

Since 2015, he has been President, Meggitt Control Systems, transforming cost centres into autonomous business units; integrating an acquired valves business; securing valuable business wins by exploiting the division's full ATA Chapter 26 fire protection capability; leading the transformation of quality and delivery systems; and deploying the Meggitt Production System over eight sites with 1,800 people in North America and Europe. At Meggitt Control Systems, Dennis supports a significant R&D operation, enabling pioneering work on environmentally sensitive extinguishing agents and high temperature components. His focus on manufacturing technology has created a valve manufacturing centre of excellence and other facilities needed to meet escalating aircraft production rates.

In September 2017, Dennis became President of Customer Services & Support in addition to his role as President of Meggitt Control Systems. Dennis had already been instrumental in the success of the aftermarket trading model and his previous experience included leading Meggitt Aviation Services which was the precursor to the current Customer Services & Support organisation.


BSc, Economics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
MA, Management, University of Redlands
General Managers Program, University of Michigan
Meggitt Leadership Development Programme, Saïd Business School at Oxford University

Dennis Hutton

Luke Durudogan
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems

Luke Durudogan brings over 30 years' experience in aerospace in the Middle East, Europe and the United States to the leadership of Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (MABS).

After earning a Bachelor of Sciences degree at Yale in 1980, Luke spent five years with McDonnell Douglas. Based in Saudi Arabia, he worked as a budget analyst, financial specialist and regional sales manager, specialising in missiles, satellite launch vehicles and high technology avionics.

From corporate headquarters in St Louis, he managed European operations for the harpoon missile programme, before switching to international business development for the missile division. As Director of Southeast Asia Market Operations based in California, Luke focused on commercial aircraft sales, and leasing and customer support.

In 1995, Luke began an eight-year journey with AlliedSignal, initially as Director, Global Aircraft Leasing Market, covering the US, Germany, Japan, France, UK and Ireland. Two years later, he was appointed Vice President, Boeing Programs and Customer Support. From sites in California, Missouri and Washington, he provided a fully integrated approach to servicing Boeing's commercial aircraft, military fighters and satellite systems.

Next, he moved to France as Vice President, Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa Operations, formulating and achieving corporate fiscal, management and communications goals for all major aerospace OEMs and commercial air carriers. He secured European approval for the Honeywell and AlliedSignal integration.

Returning to the US in 2001, he became VP Sales & Marketing, Airframe Systems, reducing costs across environmental control systems, auxiliary power units, electrical power distribution and life support systems management.

Leaving Honeywell/AlliedSignal, Luke took on a major turnaround role at Invensys PLC based in London as Corporate Director and President of the APV division, manufacturing valves, heat exchangers and control equipment for beverage and food plants. Luke and his team implemented extensive cost saving and productivity measures, while realigning the product portfolio and rekindling the brand. The division was successfully sold to a trade buyer.

Luke returned to Boston in 2006 for family reasons where he found and later sold Locum Equity Partners. He then founded and managed Integrity Energy Holdings, a renewable energy project management company specialising in wind turbine installations.

Since joining Meggitt in 2012, Luke has led development of new facilities in Danville, Kentucky and Querétaro, Mexico and overseen the implementation of the Meggitt Production System throughout the division. He has revitalised the engineering function with a new generation of braking systems engineers and has seen twelve new aircraft added to the MABS portfolio, strengthening the Company's prospects for decades ahead.

Luke aims to revolutionise the aircraft braking systems business model, substantially reducing the payback time of programme investments. This involves cutting turnaround time at the aircraft gate using engineering design technology; anticipation of wear and tear through the Meggitt HALO (Health and Logistics Optimisation) programme; and, through closer partnership with customers, jointly optimising inventory management for mutual cash flow benefit.


BSc Physics and Economics, Yale University

Luke Durudogan

David Horner
Meggitt Polymers & Composites

David started his career in operations excellence in the early 1990s, working in a range of US-based companies in medical device equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, and industrial products.

In 2003, he moved to ATK and took on responsibility for a production model for a very high-volume, 24/7 facility supporting military and law enforcement ammunition with a workforce of 300+ employees. In one year, he resolved critical machine downtime issues, doubled workforce efficiencies resulting in multi-million dollar labour savings and reduced the cost of poor quality by a third. In an extremely competitive market segment, David learned unforgettable lessons about the impact effective manufacturing operations has on business success through customer relationships.

In 2005, he joined Meggitt as Vice President, Operations & Engineering at a newly acquired business in Minneapolis, specialising in live-fire ranges for military and law enforcement markets. After two years improving the business, he provided a firm foundation from which to merge it with a Meggitt virtual firearms training systems business based in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the business running smoothly, David was appointed interim Vice President and General Manager of Meggitt's Singapore operation, where he instigated operational improvements and developed relationships with the region's major customers and suppliers in just six months. At the same time, he continued to develop Meggitt's first strategic sourcing capability for all Meggitt's US-based facilities.

In 2009, Meggitt invited him to project manage the major restructuring and reorganisation of the Meggitt Group as a whole, leading the consolidation of 33 independent operating facilities into five market and customer-facing divisions.

At the conclusion of this first Meggitt Transformation phase, David accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer at Allied Container Systems, to maximise its attractiveness for acquisition. He then spent a year running his own consulting firm before returning to Meggitt as Senior
Vice President of Operations, boosting performance at Meggitt Polymers & Composites' (MPC) Loughborough, UK facility.

David became divisional President in 2014 and today, he is scaling up the business to corner the market in high-growth aerospace composite segments. He is integrating two advanced composites businesses, acquired from Cobham and EDAC respectively, taking MPC from 1,700 employees at four facilities to 3,000 employees at twelve facilities in four countries.

At the same time, he continues to build up MPC's capabilities in sealing solutions and fuel systems.

David also chairs a joint venture with a major defence systems integrator, for whom MPC has developed a world-class product transfer process for volume production in Mexico.


BS, Business Administration at Cardinal Stritch University, Summa Cum Laude
MS Manufacturing Technology, University of St Thomas, St Paul, Minnesota
Meggitt Leadership Development Programme, Saïd Business School at Oxford University

David Horner

Hugh Clayton
Group Director
Engineering & Strategy

Hugh joined Meggitt from Rolls-Royce early in 2017 as Group Director, Engineering & Strategy.

He began his career at BG Group as an engineer working in the oil and gas sector before embarking on a 15-year stint at ABB. As a project manager in Texas, he was responsible for the development of a new design of a deep-water Blow-Out Preventer Control System. The first application of this system resulted in the drilling of what was then the world's deepest oil production well (2,777m, Brazil).

For two years, he was based in Norway where he led ABB's strategic technology program for upstream oil and gas technology. He then moved to ABB Japan where he established and grew a business supplying process automation. After three years as Group Account Manager for Shell, he returned to Japan as the President of ABB Bailey Japan, a leading supplier of control systems and instrumentation to Japanese power and industrial companies. During his last three years at ABB, he was Global Sales Manager for their measurement products business unit, covering everything from space-based IR spectroscopy to subsea flowmeters.

Moving to Rolls-Royce in 2012, he led their Aftermarket and Services business for the Energy sector before leading their global engineering teams developing power and propulsion systems in the marine, industrial, nuclear and off-highway sectors. He became the company's Head of Transformation in 2015, and oversaw a far-reaching program focused on cost, complexity, culture, engineering excellence and operational performance.

Hugh has led teams in over forty countries and is a keen sailor, cyclist and fly fisherman.


BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sheffield University
MSc Subsea Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Executive Management Programmes at IMD Lausanne and Oxford University's Saïd Business School.

Hugh Clayton

Stewart Watson
Meggitt Equipment Group

Stewart Watson was appointed President of Meggitt Equipment Group in 2014, following a four-year stint as the division's Finance Director.

He spent the first 15 years of his career with Motherwell Bridge Group in financial and management roles in oil and gas, and capital goods and services, qualifying as a chartered management accountant after part-time studies at the Caledonian University.

In the 1990s, he filled a range of accounting and company secretarial posts in Motherwell Bridge companies at the firm's headquarters in Scotland and Gloucester in the UK, and in Paris and Atlanta.

He joined Meggitt Electronic Components (MEC) in Swindon in 2000 where he helped oversee its sale to new owners. His next role was as Finance Director, Meggitt Avica in Hemel Hempstead where he developed the finance function and improved information flow from restructured systems and procedures relating to high-pressure ducting.

Over the next ten years, Stewart worked as Finance Director for other Meggitt companies. From 2003 to 2008, he was with Meggitt Avionics, Fareham where he was responsible for the finance and IT functions, driving continuous improvement and increasing profitability.

During a short spell with Meggitt Defence Systems, which includes companies in the UK, USA and Canada, he helped improve financial performance and embed a continuous improvement culture.

From 2009-2013, he was Finance Director at Meggitt Equipment Group (MEG) where he oversaw the Pacific Scientific Aerospace acquisition. He exercised financial responsibility for the division's operations in the UK, USA, Canada and Spain, which employ over 3,000 people. MEG's 15 businesses included avionics, fire detection, environmental controls and small arms training as well as some automotive and energy products. Stewart's main concerns were financial performance, forecast updating and long-term strategic planning, as well as integrating the businesses acquired from Pacific Scientific.

In January 2014, he was promoted MEG President. After restructuring, the division now has seven business units and 1,800 staff at 16 sites around the world. Sales are primarily to the US Department of Defense and UK Ministry of Defence, as well as in oil, gas and power generation, civil aerospace and automotive electronics.

He is responsible for Meggitt's low-cost manufacturing facility in China, where his team are delivering a strategy to enhance greater operational efficiencies for internal Meggitt customers; and developing platform for marketing Meggitt products in China.


Chartered management accountant, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

Stewart Watson

Amir Allahverdi
Executive Vice-President

Amir oversees global manufacturing and supply chain operations at Meggitt. He has led implementation of the ground-breaking Q&D improvement program and later the Meggitt Production System (MPS) since joining the Group in 2012.

Quality and delivery have risen dramatically since, thanks to patient deployment of thorough frameworks, standards and processes.  Performance is scrutinised daily; problem solving is delegated; continuous improvement effort is devolved.

Amir began his career at GE Aerospace in 1985, starting as an industrial engineer, progressing rapidly through a wide range of increasingly challenging operational management roles from operations in the Aircraft Instruments Division to Defence and Ordnance managing the Phalanx Close-in-Weapons Systems Operations.

He had a two-year stint at GE disposal Ametek, managing the Quality Assurance Organization, before moving to Lockheed Martin Electronics Systems in 1992 where he was involved in various leadership roles in programme management and precision machining operations. His hard-won turnaround experience in quality and its cost as well as on-time delivery and labour relations was put to good use.

He moved to AlliedSignal Inc. (now Honeywell) in 1996 where he held various leadership roles in operations, procurement and Six Sigma Quality. He was also site leader of their Defence and Space Systems business in Teterboro, New Jersey.

In 2000, Amir joined Honeywell's Commercial Avionics business in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held several multi-site integrated supply chain leadership positions and then, from 2005 to 2007, he led Honeywell Aerospace Global Sourcing.

In 2007, he was appointed Vice President of EMEAI Integrated Supply Chain based in Switzerland where he led the European OE, MRO and Distribution organizations in the region. His responsibilities became progressively more international and broadened to include production system implementation, start-up organisation creation and capability development in the region. He concluded his 17 years with Honeywell in Shanghai as Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain, Asia Pacific. He established comprehensive operational and supply chain capability in the region to execute the high growth of the period including the C919 joint-venture negotiations and stand-up.


Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance Certification
Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass.
MS and MBA, New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey
Six Sigma and Lean Black Belt Certification
Graduate of Honeywell's Executive Development Program

Amir Allahverdi

Tony Wood
Chief Operating Officer

Tony joined Meggitt and was appointed to the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer in December 2016. He is responsible for the day to day operating performance of the Group and implementation of the Group's operational strategy.

Prior to joining Meggitt Tony held various engineering/programme and general management positions commencing at Messier-Dowty (now part of Safran) in 1984 and, over the last 15 years at Rolls-Royce plc, most recently as President of Aerospace. He holds a BA in Engineering from the Open University and an MBA from INSEAD in France. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Fellow of the Association for Project Management and holds an Honorary DSc from Cranfield University. He has lived and worked in the UK, France and Canada.

Tony Wood