Investor relations

Corporate responsibility

At Meggitt, we recognise our responsibility to shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. We comply with all relevant national laws and regulations and aim to continually improve our financial, social and environmental performance.


Meggitt is committed to

  • upholding sound corporate governance principles
  • providing a supportive, rewarding and safe working environment
  • conducting business relationships in an ethical manner
  • minimising the environmental impact of products and processes
  • acting as a responsible supplier and encouraging our contractors and suppliers to do the same
  • supporting our local communities


For our stakeholders, this means:

  • safe working environments
  • modern operational practices
  • effective risk identification and mitigation
  • dynamic business continuity plans
  • internationally-accredited environmental management systems
  • independent audits
  • professional and comprehensive employee training programmes
  • the social and economic enrichment of local communities
  • robust internal and external reporting and controls
  • financial probity