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Corporate history

Our priority is to grow organically. However, where appropriate, we make acquisitions to fast-track product development and grow our market.

Key events

  • June 2017
    Divestiture of Piher Sensors & Controls (position sensors and controls for industrial, land vehicles and appliances), Piezotech, LLC (ultrasonic sensing systems), and Meggitt (Maryland), Inc (vibration sensors for industrial applications).

  • March 2017
    Acquisition of Elite Aerospace, a leader in the test, repair and overhaul of heat transfer, pneumatic, hydraulic and avionic components for commercial and military aircraft.

  • December 2016
    Divesture of Meggitt Target Systems (unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets)

  • December 2015
    Acquisition of the composites division of EDAC, a leader in composites manufacturing and component design engineering for aircraft engines, aerostructures and defence applications.

  • November 2015
    Acquisition of the advanced composites businesses of Cobham PLC, a leading supplier of extreme environment radomes, engine components and complex secondary structures.

  • January 2015
    Acquisition of PECC (Precision Engine Controls Corporation), a leading supplier of small-frame gas turbine actuation systems and fuel metering valves used in oil and gas and power generation

  • December 2013
    Divestiture of Sunbank, a manufacturer of connector accessories, backshells, and conduit systems for aerospace and industrial markets

  • September 2013
    Acquisition of Piezo Technologies, a pioneer in high performance piezo-ceramic technology

  • May 2013
    Divestiture of Meggitt (Addison), a vapour cycle air conditioning systems providing cooling, heating and ventilation for fixed wing light aircraft

  • 4 July 2012
    Acquisition of Fotomechanix, a key supplier to Heatric, MeggittÂ’s printed circuit heat exchanger business

  • April 2011
    Acquisition of Pacific Scientific Aerospace, a leading supplier of equipment for critical military systems, commercial transport aircraft, business jets and general aviation

  • 2010
    Group reorganises under five new divisions: Meggitt Polymers & Composites; Meggitt Control Systems; Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems; Meggitt Sensing systems; and Meggitt Equipment Group

  • January 2008
    Acquisition of Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S, the Danish producer of advanced piezo-electric ceramic materials for sensing products

  • January 2008
    Divestiture of S-TEC

  • July 2007
    Acquisition of K&F Industries Holdings Inc, a supplier of wheels, brakes, brake control systems, flexible bladder fuel tanks, helicopter interiors, ice protection and sealants

  • October 2006
    Acquisition of Firearms Training Systems, a provider of simulation products for firearms training

  • September 2006
    Acquisition of Keith Products, a supplier of compact air conditioning systems for business jets and general aviation aircraft

  • August 2006
    Acquisition of Radatec, a US start-up with breakthrough turbine tip clearance measurement technology

  • November 2005
    Acquisition of ECET, an ignition systems and airborne electronic equipment specialist

  • November 2005
    Acquisition of Sensorex, a sensors and electronics specialist

  • July 2005
    Acquisition of Avery-Hardoll, a manufacturer of aerospace ground refuelling equipment

  • December 2004
    Acquisition of Wilcoxon Research, a specialist sensors manufacturer

  • December 2004
    Acquisition of Schreiner Canada, unmanned aerial and marine targetry

  • August 2004
    Acquisition of design and manufacturing division of Dunlop Standard Aerospace: includes Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems; Dunlop Ice Protection & Composites, Dunlop Precision Rubber; Dunlop Equipment, Serck Aviation and Stewart Warner South Wind

  • December 2003
    Acquisition of Western Design, a designer and manufacturer of automated ammunition-handling equipment and environmental control systems

  • December 2003
    Acquisition of Howden Airdynamics, a designer and manufacturer of pumps, fans and compressors for ground, naval and aircraft applications

  • March 2003
    Acquisition of Caswell International, a supplier of ground-based live fire training equipment systems

  • May 2003
    Divestiture of Meggitt Petroleum Systems

  • January 2003
    Acquisition of General Electric turbine clearance control valve product line

  • November 2002
    Acquisition of Lodge (ex-Smith’s Group plc) temperature and speed sensors

  • November 2002
    Divestiture of Wayfarer Transit Systems and Systech Solutions (ticketing systems)

  • July 2002
    Acquisition of BAE Systems’ military air data and data acquisition computers

  • May 2002
    Divestiture of Silicone Engineering (non-core polymers for white goods)

  • May 2002 Divestiture of Meggitt Defense Systems, Texas (non-core unmanned air vehicles)

  • April 2002
    Acquisition of Kaman Aerospace Corporation, a specialist in high integrity radio frequency cables

  • December 2001
    Divestiture of Meggitt Electronic Components (non-core passive electronics)

  • 1998
    Acquisition of Vibro-Meter, significantly increasing core capability in engine condition monitoring and diagnostics

  • 1995
    Group reorganises to focus on core business of aerospace, defence systems and electronics

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