Investor relations

Analyst consensus


The information on this page was consolidated on 9 October 2017 and is compiled from submissions by 20 analysts based on current accounting standards. As more analysts update their forecast to incorporate changes from IFRS 15 (due to become effective from January 2018), the consensus estimates will be updated accordingly1.

£m 2017 2018 2019
Revenue 2,055 2,119 2,217
Min 2,005 2,092 2,209
Max 2,083 2,152 2,273
Underlying Operating Profit 398 421 452
Min 388 407 445
Max 402 432 463
Underlying PBT2 366 390 423
Min 352 371 413
Max 372 402 434
Free Cash Flow3 155 185 222
Min 81 123 147
Max 196 229 272
Underlying (basic) EPS 35.9p 38.7p 42.3p
Min 34.6p 37.5p 40.7p
Max 36.6p 40.4p 44.1p

1 Current analysts estimates which include changes from IFRS 15 have been adjusted to reflect current accounting where current data is available.
2 As defined in the Annual Report and Accounts: Note 10.
3 As defined in the Annual Report and Accounts: Table 7 of the Chief Financial Officer's Review.

The Analysts' Consensus Estimates provided are for informational purposes only and are provided only for the convenience of our investors and does not represent the opinions, forecasts or forward-looking statements of Meggitt PLC, or of its management. Meggitt PLC does not endorse or approve the Analysts' Consensus Estimates or any underlying analysts' estimate. Meggitt PLC is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and cannot offer investment advice and so this information should not be relied upon in any investment decision. Although Meggitt PLC intends to update the analysis periodically, no obligation is assumed to update or revise such information to reflect circumstances existing after the date above. In consequence, Meggitt PLC cannot be held responsible for any of the information, statement or data contained in or omitted from this table and provides no assurance with regards to the accuracy or correctness of the data.